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Covenants New Age Christian Store Ad



Lots of our Christian holidays are really just a renaming of pagan holidays. It's easier for a religion to set up shop when it adopts the customs and ways of the established faith. This ad was a sort of parody of that: Trying to lure back all the Oprah-watching faithful. We saw this sort of conversion tactic in action once at The Lance. One of the Campus Crusade for Christ people tried to convert our editor Larry. I guess converting the editor of The Lance would be considered a major coup. They got wind that Larry was a bit of a party guy. The missionary suggested to Larry that Jesus too liked to party.


"Based on what scriptural evidence?" demanded Larry.


The missionary suggested the Wedding at Cannae was evidence Jesus liked to kick back and relax sometimes. After all, he turned the water into wine. Larry countered if Jesus was a real party guy, he'd not have turned the water into wine, he'd have turned it into Tequila. 


Many noticed the prevalence of 4012 but few picked up on that many of the panel ads have the address 171 Victoria Street. This was a romantic conceit on my part. That was the address of my first girlfriend's house. Barb actually lived at 171 Victoria in a whole other city, so it was okay to use that address with a Windsor location.



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