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Heresy Busters Ad



I had to break this ad in half because the text would be hard to read if scanned in as one. The ad was a parody of Crime Busters, a feature that ran in The Pennysaver. Each week it would list some petty crime. The Heresy Busters graphic was created by The Legendary Kevin Johnson's highly capable wife Martina. Terry and I were nothing but impressed when she gave us the graphic. Before Martina rendered the Heresy Busters art work, The PennySaviour was little more than a concept and a shoebox full of ad ideas. After the initial elation of being given the keys to The Lance offices and access to a 1200 DPI laser printer (a marvel and an expensive piece of technology in 1990), Terry and I grew somewhat disheartened about our chances of successfully executing on our idea. However, when Martina gave us her graphic -- the first piece of the puzzle -- and we saw that it was good, it was a real morale booster. It was greater evidence that in areas where Terry and I lacked, we had the in-house talent to help pull it off.


Terry wrote the text. He went to our news editor Michael Cohen (a devout Jew who was in the Israel army and patrolled the Gaza strip) for a good old Old Testament God-as-war-gamer quote. Michael didn't let Terry down.


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