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Jesuit Recruitment Ad



The ad was typeset by The Lance's Editor The Legendary Kevin Johnson. Kevin was in love with the font Palatino and set it in such. The priest graphic was some clip art of a Nazi-like fellow holding a banner in his visible fist. The banner was removed via an exacto knife, leaving the menacing fist! The priest collar was done by dotting on some liquid paper. The ad was a parody of some ads the Catholic church was experimenting with in the Detroit area, in an attempt to get more men into the priesthood. The church's ad was, in fact, a parody of the US Marines' "we want a few good men" campaign. The church's ad featured Calvin Klein male model perfect guys in priest robes above the caption "we want to collar a few good men". The ads had strangely homoerotic over tones. Anyway, the Pennysaviour parody of the Church's parody (whoa) was itself based on the Canadian Army's recruiting ads that frequently appeared in The Lance. The Canadian Army's recruiting slogan was "Not just a job. It's an adventure."


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