Ladies to be invited to campus


Another satirical condemnation of women's shoddy station at the turn of the century.



New rules in the works?


The priest's name is Pieddesplumbus, a melding of the French word for "foot" and the Latin for "lead". Hence he's Father Leadfoot.



Out, out, accursed spot ... get out to see the Assumption Players!


Wow. An article that's nearly devoid of self referential nods to our radio show. Given the overly positive tone of the review, this might, however, be a nod to Terry's career as The Lance's drama critic. These were the kinds of reviews the U of W drama students wanted out of The Lance, unabashedly "rah rah". They rarely got them, however. Terry did most of the play reviews and, when an actor sucked, he dared to criticize. The students worked pretty hard on these plays and they undoubtedly tried to keep everyone's egos up by telling each other they were doing a fantastic job. Broadway would surely call on each and every one of them after opening night. They were in for a rude surprise when the first, and only, review said eight positive things but actually found one or two faults. Letters to the editor were written by the actors, variously condemning Terry or calling for the mass arrests of Lance staff. Most fell back on typical criticism of critics: critics are happy to sit back and take pot shots but if they walked in an actors shoes for 2 seconds they might change their bitter tune. "I'M CERTAIN YOU'VE NEVER TRIED TO ACT IN LIVE THEATRE MR. TERRY BROWN OR ELSE YOU WOULDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO SAY MEAN THINGS!"


Terry was always amused by this line of argumentation. They did not know that Terry spent three years acting on our live radio show.


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