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Martin Deck, former owner of Windsor's legendary South Shore Books, suggested this ad. Terry and I fleshed out the copy and book list. The "Come on down, bring a buddy, tell a friend" entreaty was taken from a regular TV commercial for a Detroit car dealership.


I don't think anyone appreciated my map that made Toronto appear much closer to Windsor than it actually was. When I worked as a self-serve gas station attendant in university, I would get a lot of American tourists asking to buy a map of Canada. Normally they just wanted to drive to Toronto. They seemed to be unaware that Canada was the second largest country in the world by land mass and buying a map of Canada to get directions to a city 4 hours away by car probably wouldn't be much help. At that scale, the 401 between Windsor and Toronto looks like a straight line. They even seemed disturbed when I told them Toronto was 4 hours away. Many times they'd cross the Windsor-Detroit border at 9 pm thinking Toronto was a suburb and they could hit the GTA about 10 pm and go clubbing. To save them $3.50, I'd draw for them a map similar to the one that appears in the ad. Once I had a guy that wanted a map of Canada so he could find a local bar. Sigh.


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