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An ad Terry wrote. The ad's larger copy is mostly filler (albeit amusing filler) for the small SCORING part at the bottom. Alas, it's hard to read. So here's what it says "SCORING: a) Men, if your loved one offered an opinion, cast her out and start anew! Pluck the weed from the fertile fields! Don't let your seed fall on a stoney plane! b) If she waited for your cue, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is your's and your descendants! Praise be and send in a $50 processing fee, and wait to hear from us for your orders!"

In essence the ad itself is a test. If your future bride completes it, she fails! The thing I always loved about Terry's writing is he writes much tighter satire. He plays it much closer to the vest. With mine, you can still picture my arms flailing around a bit as I wrote it. Terry never lets on that what he wrote is about the cleverest thing you could possibly say for that situation.

Elvis Hitler is the name of a real band. It was a Detroit Christian/Country/Oi/Thrash Metal group. I'm not making that up. Their bass player was a shoeless 14-year-old kid. They put out a really great LP called "Disgraceland", they moved to LA, and then everything they did after that sucked.



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