"Comics None" is a reference to one of Terry's major complaints about The Globe and Mail: they don't carry enough cartoon strips. I think because the Globe has to compete with so many local dailies that already have the local rights for certain comics, the Globe can't run many comics and those that they do are pretty lame. Still, Terry perseveres and reads The Globe and Mail's comic page, regardless.


Terry has helped me form a theory. There are two kinds of people in the world:


1.      People like Terry who read the whole comics page, every last unfunny panel of the Wizard of Id, Marmaduke, and Blondie.


2.      People like me who believe the laughs-to-time-spent-reading ratios are just not there with the comics page. I read Doonesbury and Dilbert and then I get on with my life.


The Globe's "Morning Smile" was always a mystery to readers. Most wondered if anyone in the paper's history had actually smiled at anything written there.




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