Gus Aquinas was a play on two theologians, St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.


The Family Jackboot Party was a reference to The Family Coalition Party, a weird "family values/anti-abortion" fringe party that sprung up in Ontario a number of years ago. We used to make these fake political ads for it on our comedy radio show.


Ghengis Kabalka was a reference to a Family Coalition Party candidate with the last name Kabalka. I forget his first name. He was actually a University of Windsor student and would write letters to the editor of the Windsor Star and The Lance against abortion.


I actually had him in a critical thinking course once. Critical thinking involves examining bad arguments and explaining why they're based on fallacious reasoning. A lot of the course involved reading letters to the editor, which were a rich-and-ready source of bad thinking. During an in-class exercise, Kabalka was assigned, quite randomly, an anti-abortion letter that trotted out all the bad arguments anti-abortionists used. It was funny watching him having to confront these bad arguments and actually have to pick them apart yet at the same time trying to defend them.






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