The job of the Windsor Star's editorial columnist was to be a bit of a rabble rouser, to say inflammatory things, and generally be a bee under the bonnet of city council. When I was a columnist for the Toronto Sun, my editor's one gripe was I never really came out and said I hated something. I always tried to offer a balanced, reasoned view. Balance does not sell papers or generate buzz, however. But I don't care. I was only being paid $60 per column. I could afford to take the high road.


In some ads the Windsor Star once tried to depict Henderson as a pitbull. However, Henderson tended to come off as a loud mouth who rarely said anything wise. He struck you as one of those guys at a bar who will loudly give everyone within earshot his opinions on everything, and meanwhile you're quietly trying to enjoy your drink and thinking simultaneously "this guy knows jack all" and "I remember now why I don't like coming to this bar."


Henderson was obviously trying to cop this two-fisted, hard-drinking style that was the hallmark of the newspaper business in big cities like New York and Chicago in the '50s.


This article, written by Terry, exposes Henderson's style. "They were fighting a tenacious rear-guard battle in defense of a doomed way of life." I believe this over-the-top gem was an actual sentence from a Henderson column (I think about free trade).


Corn detasseling was the Windsor equivalent of tree planting. If you couldn't get a summer job anywhere else, you could work for the huge agri-corporations in Essex county detasseling corn. You would spend all day out in a mosquito infested, hot, humid corn field, pulling tassels off of corn stalks in an effort to increase cross pollination and develop corn hybrids. Pay was low and you were generally yelled at a lot by shift bosses (marginal types that were forced to take this job because they couldn't get their dream job as Conklin Carnival ride operators).




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