Kevin Wilson, the object of ridicule, was an odd fellow that went on to write some kind of column for the Windsor Star about working on the line in an auto factory. Or was that Toronto's Now magazine? Who knows, who cares. Wilson generally wrote good copy for The Lance but he had this very odd need to be up in everyone's business. I remember once I was writing a love letter to my girlfriend at The Lance on a computer. I got up to go to the washroom. However, not the type who wants to leave some hot 'n' intellectually steamy love letter up on a screen, I saved the document and closed the file. When I came back, Kevin was booting up the file to read what I had written. I guess he was expecting me to do number two and take a bit longer in the loo. I dunno.


I think Vic Formosa was this other weird guy who also used to hang around The Lance. Unlike Kevin, Vic never turned in articles. I think Vic was a slow learner and was placed at The Lance by Catholic Family Services to learn computer skills. Vic looked like a guy straight out of The Sopranos. Someone who was very good at swinging a pipe and not much else. He had this very gangsterish way about him. Vic was generally uninspired by the jobs we gave him until he discovered the laser printer and DTP software. Vic quickly realized he could use the DTP hardware to make up fake business cards. Vic typeset two cards, one claiming he was a talent scout for a modeling agency. The other claiming he was a buyer for a international diamond consortium. Vic's plan was to keep these cards in his wallet and hand them out to women he was trying to pick up at clubs.




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