Terry wrote most of this, at the direction of Lance editor Larry Deck. There was this folk singer (who I'll refer to as Stev* Benete*u because the article does but I should stress this is in no way an accurate representation of his name, the folk singer's name might be Roger Taylor for all anyone knows) who would play at my mother's Second Cup downtown on the weekends. Stev* Benete*u used to come into Larry's brother's bookstore (South Shore Books), order these expensive books on acting, and then not pick them up. He was eventually asked not to patronize South Shore anymore.

Larry felt forcing a man to patronize only mall bookstores for the rest of his natural life was not sufficient punishment. Larry envisioned one night the patrons of the Second Cup, feeling Stev* Benete*u had butchered "Cinnamon Girl" once too often, would rise up and give out punishment in kind. The patrons of the Second Cup would disembowel Stev* Benete*u.

Hmmm typo in the article. "On the agenda was a discuss of the recessionů" That should probably read "discussion of the recession". Or maybe this typo was intentional! Yeah yeah! Feature not a bug. At some point the Globe decided it didn't need so many proof readers as it now had spell checking software. Lots of mistakes started appearing in the Globe, mistakes that would be normally caught by a proof reader but not a spell checker began appearing. It was all too much for Canada's grammar Hitlers.




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