I believe Terry wrote the bulk of this with important contributions from Larry Deck. The Legendary Kevin Johnson, I believe, is responsible for the hilarious title. Our editorial cartoonist Kristen Palmer did the leprechaun illustration. Larry's most notable contribution in this article was deep thinking an acronym for a leprechaun rights group that spells out LUCKYCHARMS: Leprechauns Upstart Canadian Kinsfolk Yearning for Change, Hope, and Real Melioration Soon.


Terry and I were fascinated by the idea of leprechauns as immigrants, trying to make their way in Canadian and Windsor society. We used to feature a leprechaun character on our radio show.


The line about the truffle pig I contributed. On our radio show, we used to do this other skit about two children and their pet, Wags the Dog. The kids' favorite pastime was playing "Wags the Amazing Truffle Pig".


Angus Waugh was a nod to a long time Lance volunteer named Andrew Waugh.




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