West Windsor is "Olde Sandwhiche Towne".


During the prohibition era in the USA, Michigan was "dry" and Windsor, being in Canada, was "wet". There emerged rum runner gangs. The Windsor Star's religion page editor Marty Gervais published a respectable history of the rum runner days. At some point Gervais spun off some of his research on  Windsor's prohibition era history and wrote a play about a pro-temperance priest. Terry, as Arts Editor, went to his play and ran a review for it in The Lance. I think Terry savaged his play. The original headline Terry wanted for his review was something like "Crucifixion too good for Gervais" but the editor Larry Deck thought maybe that might be going too far."


Gervais read Terry's savage review and commented to Martin Deck at his South Shore bookstore "I don't think Terry quite got my play."




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