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This one was primarily written by Larry Deck and Terry Brown with some additional bits thrown in by The Legendary Kevin Johnson. I think Larry was quite taken with the late Globe reviewer Jay Scott's style and wanted a whack.


The reoccurring "dour Italian number" references in this article and in other articles is a poke at sports editor Dave Briggs. In a sports editorial a few issues previous, Briggs made this weird analogy, attempting to compare one athlete to another. His line went something like "Given a choice between a K Car and a Lamborghini, you can bet I'd be driving off in that dour little Italian number."


The line about a war with "other casualties" is a reference to a controversial book called Other Casualties that had come out around this time. It was quite popular with the "the Holocaust never happened but granting for a moment it did the Jews got what they deserved" crowd. The book's author alleged he had historical evidence that Eisenhower, when he was supreme commander of all allied forces, basically ordered a genocide of the German people. Eisenhower purposefully liquidated hundreds of thousands of Germans, if not millions, by locking them in camps, executing some and simply withholding available food and medicine from the rest. The author's evidence is slim, basing it on some document in the archives that tried to estimate casualties on both sides. There was a rather cryptic, unexplained "Other Casualties" line item and the author ran with this.


The term "jugglacious" comes to us from the Legendary Kevin Johnson who was very taken that year with the term. He tried to use it in as many photo cut lines and headlines as possible.




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