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Wow are you totally thinking about buying the CD? That's just super! I guess it was worth it giving up medical school all those years ago in the noble pursuit of making people laugh so they can forget for a few minutes a week their overbearing, intolerant father and the ensuing crippling emotional problems.


Just remember the sound quality isn't the best. This puppy was mastered from 15-year-old C120 tapes that were lovingly stored on the dashboard of Karl's Chevette. You can, however, preview the tracks at the store site if you're curious about sound quality.



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Track Name


Theme Song and Opening Chat

We rightly claimed we had the coolest signature tune on student radio. Our show's theme song was a bit from the "Linus and Lucy" theme with the "Mission Impossible" theme mixed in at the end. The key to a good signature tune is length. Longer it is, the more time you have to get things set up and vacate the on-air booth of pot smoke from the previous DJ.

Under the Breath Guy

The under the breath guy is partially based on Karl. Everyone thinks Karl is nice but if they heard his internal dialog they'd think differently. The thoughts and ideas expressed under the breath are mostly based on our Typical Windsor Guy Persona.

The Lottery

Yeah, so we played the lottery on our show. IT FILLED TIME! You try writing an hour of comedy material each week while you go to school and work two jobs. Terry and I basically used this piece each week to poke fun at idiots who pin all their hopes and dreams on winning the lottery. To fill extra time, we created opening and closing themes. We went into the production studio one night and pulled out some old LPs with canned sound effects music. We found some interesting bits and then sort of improvised lyrics around them.

New TV Series

A few years ago the motion picture industry brought you Academy award winner Meryl Streep in the heart-wrenching tale of an Australian woman who claimed her baby daughter was carried off by a wild dingo. Well, we here at White Label Humour knew it was way too cool of a premise to let go. So this summer we bring you Cry in the Dark: The Series. Each week the same Australian woman has a baby carried off by a different wild Outback animal or some far away evil political conspiracy.

Max the Wonder Dog

Max the Wonder Dog is a fairly unoriginal premise -- a talking dog -- but Terry's insightful sarcasm adds an interesting dimension to the classic man-and-his-dog relationship.

La Petite Lesson

For those who miss Punch Magazine's regular "Let's Parlez Frangalis" feature, Terry and I resurrected it with a distinctly Canadian twist.

Dr Karl: A Bad Marriage

Dr Karl was sort of joke within a joke. While Terry and Karl wrote equal amounts of material, Terry tended to have the greater acting role while Karl tended to play straight man and worry about the production side. The Dr Karl segment was supposed to be Karl's spotlight, a chance for his talent to shine. In reality, Terry sang the opening and closing themes as well as read the letter. Karl's role was to basically go "you're forgiven".

Life & Times of Beer Joe & Billy Beer

The Beer Joe character was our way of poking fun at southern Christian republican politics that had seized America during the Reagan years. Beer Joe (played by Terry) was this illiterate, gun-owning, fundamentalist Christian reactionary. He had a son named Billy Beer (played by Karl) who tried to look up to this father but, because he learned to read in school and could understand the front page of Washington Post, found himself at odds with his father.

Your Elviscope

The Elviscope pokes fun at people who guide their lives by the rather broad advice offered by horoscopes. Instead of sun signs, the Elviscope used Elvis-related iconography. People were born under Elvisigns like the Big White Ployester Suit, the Deep Fried Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwich, the Graceland Souvenir Ashtray, the Fourteen Year Old Child Bride.

Zen for the Hot and Bothered

Zen for the Hot and Bothered was a project to rewrite important stories in the Bible, bringing them up to date in light of current scientific thinking and evidence. The aim of Zen for the Hot and Bothered was to create a religion that was free from Dogma. Our holy book, known as Book of the Browbeaten, began each passage with "This is my guess."

Dr Karl Another Bad Marriage

This Dr Karl was partially based on one of Karl's uncles who was a model train hobbyist. It was also based on the weird people that would come into this hobby shop Karl used to frequent when he was a nasty D&D geek. The hobby shop sold a lot of role playing products but its primary business was supplying stuff to model train hobbyists. The customers were mostly old, grumpy men who were coming out of yet-another failed marriage.

Adopt a Pet

On the local CBC news the weather guy would do a weekly Humane society pet adoption thing. The skit sort of posits Terry didn't waste time with the whole Humane society thing. He went and found seemingly abandoned animals in the street.

Ernie Tries to get Bert Help

Terry did a passable impression of Ernie from Sesame Street. He also did a passable rendition of the Sesame Street theme on his harmonica. While most people take the tact that Ernie and Bert are gay, we posited that Bert was a former Vietnam vet and a serial killer. He was living with Ernie as a cover.

Grandma's Will

Our grandmothers were endless sources of inspiration for show material. We loved how they always referred to themselves in the third person and treated us, men in our 20s, like we were still kids. "Grandma will show you how to wash your car..."



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