Welcome to OKCupcast

Posted by Karl Mamer on July 31, 2012

Welcome to the OKCupcast Podcast, your nerd guide to online dating. Well, you don't have to be a nerd but this podcast will bring a lot of science, logic, and philosophy to a topic (love!) better minds than me have been struggling for thousands of years to comprehend without great success.

If you're looking for a sensible way to look at some of the most ego-crushing stuff you can do, the OKCupcast Podcast is your level-head, bitterness-free guide to surviving the world of online dating.

OKCupcast 9 - The Masturbation Question

Posted by Karl Mamer on November 5, 2012  • 

Back after a work-related hiatus. How do you answer your GF when she asks you if you masturbate? Are age differences a deal killer? A woman's past is her past. Don't freak out. Halloween candy reflections and why we're pissed off we didn't get any left over candy at work.

And what are "rockets" Why. These.

OKCupcast 8 - Approaching women

Posted by Karl Mamer on September 23, 2012  • 

The Schrödinger’s Rapist blog post has been causing some controversy in the dating sphere. However, when you look behind the biting sarcasm, there's an important message here about understanding the different worlds men and women walk in. Soon2becatlady asked your Okcupcasters about what are good signs from men. We also delve into what are good signs from women. Are there any? Finally, do people look good zip lining?

OKCupcast 7 - Do nice guys finish last?

Posted by Karl Mamer on September 08, 2012  • 

Do nice guys finish last? Is being a nice guy being consigned to the friend zone time and time again? Do you date every nice woman that likes you? Also, careful when you're "meh" about your date and you suspect she's "meh" about you. Don't fall into the trap of trying to make her like you to prove something to yourself. Shake hands. Move on.

The awesome Monster Talk podcast. A definition of nonplussed.

OKCupcast 6 - Interview with the Soon2BeCatLady

Posted by Karl Mamer on August 29, 2012  • 

Soon2becatlady is a woman blogger somewhere in America who writes a hilarious blog about her exploits on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. She posts a lot of the weirdo emails she gets, followed by insightful take downs. On the podcast we discuss things like mistakes men make, the proper way to corner shy computer nerds in elevators, the exploits of her coworker Velvet, and the difference between nice guys and pushovers. Visit her blog here and her Twitter here.

OKCupcast 5 - Why do men lie?

Posted by Karl Mamer on August 26, 2012  • 

What is the psychology behind men lying about height/age/weight details? How does it make you feel when you assume the only other single guy at the company with worse prospects than you actually has a wife or girlfriend?

More about Vernors pop. Faygo Red Pop.

OKCupcast 4 - All About Pocket Squares

Posted by Karl Mamer on August 18, 2012  • 

Karl explains Karl's Number 1 Rule for Women: you're more attractive than you think. Do you message people on OKCupid who viewed you? When is it okay? How to do it without seeming creepy.

The six different kinds of people you will meet online, geographically speaking. One, people you'd never meet. Two, people you'd meet if they lived down the street. Three, people you'd meet if they lived on the other side of the city. Four, people you'd meet if they lived in another city in your state. Five, people you'd meet if they lived in any city in North America. Six, people you'd meet if they lived any place in the world.

This is a spirit duplicator.

Guide to folding pocket squares.

OKCupcast 3 - When can I use a Groupon?

Posted by Karl Mamer on August 13, 2012  • 

How many dates before you can whip out the Groupon? What message you send subconsciously when you're cheap. The differences between men and women. The problems when men think women think like men and women think men think like women. Finally, why some guys just BLOW their stack when you ever so politely reject them.

Oh. And Lawrence makes an audible noise. A series of audible noises, in fact.

OKCupcast 2 - Don't Write Checks You're Not Willing to Cash

Posted by Karl Mamer on August 7, 2012  • 

We cover three topics. 1) Filling in the gaps and don't write checks you're not willing to cash. 2) When is a date a date? What defines a date from two friends of the opposite sex hanging out? 3) Deal killers. Do men have deal killers? Or do men just have aspirations?


OKCupcast 1 - Six Rules of Rational Online Dating

Posted by Karl Mamer on July 31, 2012  • 

Your OKCupcast Master Karl Mamer explains 6 maxims to keep you sane while engaging in online dating.

Six Commandments of Rational Online Dating

1) I don't respond to every message women send me. I don't expect every woman to respond back. Yeah you think you've messaged your soul mate and it stings she didn't seem to get the memo. Suck it up. Remember lots of women are messaging you thinking you're their soul mate and you're not responding to them.

2) I really only want a woman who MIGHT be interested responding to my message. I don't require a polite "Hey, thanks!" It wastes your time, it wastes my time.

3) I don't fall in love with every woman I meet from the site. I don't want a second date with most, either. I do not expect every woman I meet from the site to fall in love with me or desire a second date with me. It's nothing personal. Don't take it personal.

4) Online dating is efficient. But that cuts both ways. It's efficient to find people but it's just as easy to go "nope, not 95% of what I want. Next." Again, nothing personal.

5) It's a numbers game. Gird your loins. Be prepared to get kicked in the balls a lot. But remember, it's nothing personal.

6) If you do have a nice date, you're not a douche bag, everything ends well, and you text/email and ask for a second date, you're probably morally owed a "it was great meeting you, you're a nice guy/gal, but I'm going to continue my search." But understand some, mostly women in my estimation, have tried that and suddenly the self-styled "nice guy" becomes a huge, huge angry asshole. Once bitten, twice shy. Again, try not to take it personally.