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Theodore N. Tandum.

240 Keele

Toronto, Ontario M6P 2K3


Institute of Canadian Advertising

2300 Yonge St.

Toronto, Ontario



Dear Canadian Advertising Person:


Let me first state that I think most of our Canadian ads, both in print and on television and even the ones on billboards, are quite good. Canadian advertising is far better than many of the ads I watched while serving abroad with the Canadian Armed Forces. The ads I saw in Germany disturbed me.


Let me now come to the matter at hand. I've noticed many businesses bill themselves as "The Great Canadian <noun>". In all my time, never -- not one -- of these "Great Canadian" products have led me to believe it was in fact in keeping with the greatness of Canada. I list the some of the exact businesses I have problems with:


- Great Canadian Bagel Ltd (I have enjoyed many better bagels in Montreal, Canada)

- Great Canadian Bulk Food (I have purchased better bulk food at the Bulk Barn)

- Great Canadian Leather Company (I have purchased better leather in Acton)

- Great Canadian roast beef sandwich at quickserve restaurant Arby's (you will agree no explanation is required here)


There are more but these are some of the ones I've have listed in my wallet.


My question is, are these businesses in violation of any laws or industry self-regulating regulations? If so, what can I do to stop these companies from leading me and even members of my own family to believe their products are in keeping with the greatness of Canada?



Yours In Peace




Theodore N. Tandum.