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Theodore N. Tandum, President


240 Keele

Toronto, Ontario

M6P 2K3


October 23, 1997



Woman's Television Network

2 Bloor W.

Toronto, Ontairo


Dear Madams:


As you can tell from my name I'm a man. I know you're probably not shocked by that but it's true :)!!! I am also the President of what many would call a fan club but we view our role as more important than merely "fans", maybe as important as the Promise Keepers but not as mean towards women. I represent the Association of Men who Enjoy the Woman's Television Network (AMEWTN which we pronounce "Ah-Mew-Tin"). Our ten members like WTN. Some of them love WTN. Your range of programming, while directed at women, is very good for men as well. Not like Speedvision.


As a fan club, our goal is to promote WTN as a sane and healthy viewing choice for men, both married and single straights. Many of our members are married and find your programming helps them understand their wives better. The single straights in our group know it helps promote correct attitudes that will help them find future wives either here or abroad.


We've been "in business" for over a year and I'm sorry it's only now that we reveal ourselves. It is not because we have had to wait for the courage. We need your help, please. We need a motto for t-shirts and baseball caps that we can wear at bars and in front of the TV.


We have taken a contest amongst our members, both the married men and the single straights, and come up with three possible mottos for our group. We're deadlocked and can't decide. We fear our group will break up without a motto. All (one abstaining) have decided that WTN should decide. It's unusual to get such agreement amongst the married men and single straights in our group so please quickly read the suggested mottos below and mail us, at the above address, your favorite motto for a group of men who enjoy and wish to promote WTN as a sane and healthy choice for TV viewing.




___ a) "WTN: Some of it's pretty good!"


___ b) "WTN can be enjoyed by men!"


___ c) "Men, I'm secure enough to say I want my WTN!"


As you can see choice a) is not at all good but please don't let that affect your judgment. Please just choose your favorite and don't quote this last paragraph.






Theodore N. Tandum.