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Theodore N. Tandum

240 Keele

Toronto, Ontario

M6P 2K3


October 23, 1997




110 Bloor St. W.,

Toronto, Ontario

M5S 2W7


Dear Chapters:


I don't buy or read many books, given I travel a lot and enjoy watching people on airplanes instead of reading. I did buy a book, recommended by my wife, called "Emma". A movie by a similar name played on a plane once. I didn't catch the movie. As you can imagine, people watching is most interesting when I can move freely about a darkened cabin. The people around me seemed to greatly enjoy the movie, however.


So based on these recommendations I purchased the book "Emma" by an author who is identified as Jane Austen. I purchased this book from your store near Bay, which is close to a subway station. I got half way through the book when I decided to look at the "about the author" page. I've never looked at one of those before. But I knew a John Austen and was curious if this was his daughter. His daughter is much like the Emma character except she's not quite as smart.


I discovered when reading the "About the Author" section that this book was written over a hundred years ago! I was under the assumption that Chapters stores everywhere sold only new books, not 100 year old books. I read so few books, I only want to read new books (which I'm sure most of your customers wish also). I don't wish to return this book -- I have lost the receipt -- and I'm confident I want to finish this book. I do, however, think you should warn your customers -- either with a label or the cashier could mention it before accepting my bank card -- that the book is not new but was written many, many decades ago.


Other than that, I'm most pleased with your Chapters stores and the escalators and I think you make book buying attractive to the public once again.









Theodore N. Tandum.