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Theodore N. Tandum

240 Keele

Toronto, Ontario

M6P 2K3


October 23, 1997



Cineplex-Odeon Corporation

2442 Bloor St. W.

Toronto, Ont


To Whom It May Concern:


Recently my VCR broke and the price to repair it is prohibitive. I'm a great fan of the movies (the "silver screen") and I now have little choice but to see movies in theaters. However, I'm quite alone. I assure you this is by choice. I simply have no real desire to make friends or take a lover. But I don't want to attend a movie without a companion. In my church this is considered wrong. I do fear if I attend a movie alone a fellow parishioner might see me and report me to the Vizavir. My faith and movies are the only two things important to me (i.e., I have in my life). I would like to attend your movies in the following manner: shortly after the movie begins, when all is dark, I enter with a store (non-blow up) mannequin I have specifically purchased. I assure you the mannequin is quite life like (not blow up) and, in the dark, only I would be fully aware that it is not a real human being.


My question is would this be permissible? If so, would I have to pay admission for the mannequin?








Theodore N. Tandum