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Theodore N. Tandum.

240 Keele

Toronto, Ontario

M6P 2K3


October 26, 1997




Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

Complaint Council

P.O. Box 3265, Station D

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 6H8




Dear Complaint Council



This is not so much of an official complaint as an observation with a bit of bitterness. Not as much bitterness as when my wife left but all the same I am growing frustrated.


For the last decade I've been trying to catch the show To Be Announced (TBA). Like WKRP in Cincinnati (WKRPIC) a number of years ago, TBA moves around the dial a lot. I caught the last fifteen minutes of it one Saturday 3 am (to some that's Sunday) on CTV (or CITY TV) seven years ago and it featured a man with a mustache, a guy named Fish, and it was in a police station with a small jail. This was a hilarious show! Since then, I see it advertised in some of our finest TV guides (aka the Toronto Star's TV guide), many times late at night. When my VCR was working (it has since broken down and I've found the cost of repairing it prohibitive given the Mulroney government robbed me of my ability to work so long ago) I would tape it but discover the show had been substituted with another show (I've listed them and have a complete record of these substitutions, including dates and times which I'd be happy to provide to you in confidence although I've posted these to the Internet). For example, once To Be Announced was not on but Soap was in its place despite a listing in the TV Guide. I like Soap, there's no complaint about that, but I didn't want to see that show.


Since my VCR now doesn't work, I find I have to stay up quite late (I'm typing this late at night as we speak) to attempt to catch this show only to find it's pulled out from under me like my car when my wife left.


Anyway, this is not a complaint and I don't want to get any TV stations or good TV guide people in trouble. I truly think our TV stations are some of the finest TV stations in the world. I assure you not like the TV I watched when I served abroad with the Canadian Armed Forces. As you can imagine, the TV in Germany disturbed me.


I just want to speak my peace (piece?). Thank you for listening to me.



Yours In Peace




Theodore N. Tandum.