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Dec 07/09

Is The Family a Conspiracy? Discussion with
Listener Steven Cleghorn

Fear their power and reach

Steven is a long time listener of both my previous podcast Seoul Survivors and the Conspiracy Skeptic. He emailed me about this The Family organization many months before the story broke in podcast land. I wanted to have him on for a chat between two regular Joes about The Family, whether it's an example of a real conspiracy, and the implications. If you don't know much about The Family, I'd suggest first checking out D.J. Grothe's interview with the author himself before tackling my podcast.

Nov 05/09

Princess Di Assassination with Hayley
Stevens of the Righteous Indignation Podcast

Team Righteous Indignation: They're a fine looking bunch of Podcasters.

Hayley Stevens is co-host of a funny and thought provoking skeptical podcast produced in the UK. In her spare time she's also a skeptical ghost hunter. On Conspiracy Skeptic we talk about the claims Princess Diana was murdered or even faked her own death.

Oct 05/09

JFK Assassination with Nigel
St. Whitehall of Skeptical Review

I guess it might be a little tasteless to make a wisecrack about this.

Nigel St. Whitehall (a pseudonym) is a mild mannered lawyer from Hershey, PA, creator of the Skeptical Review blog, and a knowledgeable skeptic of claims that Oswald did not act alone.

Sep 25/09

Gold standards, trade deficits, and China
Brett Spurr of The Long Run Blog

One of the wonderful things that ostensibly worthless fiat currency will buy. Why... a Fiat!

Brett Spurr returns to shoot the breeze about some economic ideas held tightly by conspiracy types: can/would China wipe out the economy tomorrow by dumping dollars? Is the gold standard the only real form of money? When we import goods, do foreign countries just make that money disappear?

Aug 30/09

White Salamander Letter: Guest Charles
Morrison of Irreligiosophy podcast

Going to sell this one to the LDS Church, proving Joseph Smith came up with Relativity decades before Einstein. Note when Smith was doing physics he wrote in Reformed German.

Charles Morrison stops in to talk about a conspiracy involving the Mormon church.

Aug 20/09

Denver Airport Conspiracy: Guest Rich
Orman of Dogma Free America

Sure it looks like a Swastika, if you're a complete retard. (photo from google maps)

Rich Orman from the Dogma Free America podcast stops in to talk about one of the greatest high kookin' conspiracy theories ever: the new Denver airport is Reptoid Base Alpha.

Jul 21/09

Abbie Smith HIV Researcher

No animals were hurt making this podcast, although Abbie's dog was left attention starved

Abbie Smith is a grad student at the University of Oklahoma studying HIV. She has a popular blog called ERV (ie endogenous retro virus). Smith takes on creationists, the Disco'tute's head honchos, the top HIV deniers, all the while trying to find a way to keep HIV from killing babies. All that from a person who doesn't own more than 3 small kitchen appliances. Naturally, she stops in to chat with the Conspiracy Skeptic about HIV denial.

Jul 08/09

Moon Hoax and Stuart Robbins Revisited

The one true way to get to the moon

Stuart Robbins who talked about 2012 on Unplugged Episode 2 is back to talk about the Moon Landing Hoax in the run up to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the current LRO mission. And yes I know I pronounce Hare Krishna wrong :)

May 18/09

Roswell: Guest Brett Spurr

Can you spot the real Nazi UFO?

Brett Spurr is cofounder of The Long Run blog, where skepticism and rational exuberance meet finance.

Apr 5/09

The Vaccine Conspiracy: Guest Michael
Goudeau of the Penn Radio Show

Michael Goudeau is not only a juggler and skeptic but he helped pioneer the field of DIY home surgery. That's a young Mike on the left. Visit his page and find out the true story behind this photo.

Michael Goudeau stops in to talk about vaccine hysteria, autism, his possible appearance at TAM 7, Penn and Teller's Bullshit, how you (or your boss) can actually hire him to entertain your corporate troops, the possible return of the Penn Jillette Radio Show, and a whole lot more.

Mar 10/09

2012 and Planet X: Guest Stuart Robbins of Exposing PseudoAstronomy

The only thing between Earth and this 2012 killer space phenomenon is the USS Enterprise!

Stuart is a young, gifted astronomy grad student who takes on creationism and pseudoscience in his blog. In this episode, Stuart discusses some of the attempts by pseudoscientists to explain why the universe is going to try and kill us on December 21, 2012 and why that is so much pure crap.

Feb 10/09

The Illuminati: Guest Brian Thompson of Amateur Scientist Podcast

The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Still working on the sound quality. I have my mike up a wee bit too high and you can hear my sniffling.

Feb 1/09

Holocaust Denial: Guest Jennifer Booker
Young of the Seoul Podcast

Is this poisoning the well?

In an effort to keep Conspiracy Skeptic going and turning out shows on a more regular basis, I'm creating a new format called "Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged" (or more accurately "unscripted"). I will interview a skeptical podcaster or blogger. I'm borrowing an idea from the now defunct Reason Driven podcast. The RDP would get a guest to read a chapter from a book called "The Reason Driven Life" and then talk about it. In Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged my plan is to get a skeptical podcaster/blogger to come up with his/her favorite conspiracy, research it for a week or two, and then have the skeptic on my podcast to discuss the conspiracy.

My former Seoul Survivors podcast cohost Jennifer Booker Young was kind enough to help me do a beta edition to test out the format. The sound quality is pretty crappy on my end. Meh. Still trying to figure out audio on Vista and Skype. Hopefully the Grand Opening podcast with Brian Thompson of Amateur Scientist will have better sound (I bought a USB mike for that one).

Anyway, this is a long winded way to say sorry about the crap quality and things will get better. I hope you'll all hang in there with me.

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