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Nov 7/12

Sovereign Citizens and Freemen

The late Kanes: Sovereign Citizens and world's second greatest father/son Steve Martin Tribute act

SGU board member and slave to corporations Derek (aka "SkepticalEsquire: Derek-Albertan") comes on to talk about the freeman/sovereign citizen movements springing up in Canada and the USA.

Sep 17/12

Ziggurat on the moon? Huh?

Looks legit.

Dr. Stuart Robbins returns to talk about Mike Barra's claim there's a Ziggurat on the moon and how all great scientific discoveries start on a zombie themed game board. Science, bitches!

Aug 30/12

The Love Conspiracy

Basically, you're screwed if you're competing against this guy.

Does love avoid you so much it seems like a conspiracy? Imagine being an atheist among Christians. Conspiracy Skeptic talks to Colorado Skeptic Rich Ludwig about finding a relationship in Christian America.

Jul 31/12

Is Income Tax Illegal?

A good idea in principle

Karl Mamer examines various claims US and Canadian income taxes are illegal or un-constitutional.

May 31/12

Joseph Steinberg on the Roanoke Colony Collapse

Life in Busan is no day at the beach

Joseph formerly worked in US Army intelligence and now teaches English in Busan, South Korea. He comes on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about Roanoke Colony, adding some considerable detail to Brian Dunning's Skeptoid episode on the same topic.

Apr 30/12

Abbie Smith on XMRV

Canadian Mountain Dew is not contaminated with caffeine although it may contain mouse parts.

Abbie Smith, HIV/retrovirus researcher, returns to talk about a bizarre conspiracy involving scientists that should know better. Or why Big Pharma this time around DOESN'T want to sell you expensive drugs.

Mar 13/12

Tom and Cecil from the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast

Put your right foot in...

Tom and Cecil from the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast stop in to talk about their podcast and the "cures they don't want you to know about".

Feb 27/12

The Aetherius Society

For what exactly?

Does the UFO religion Aetherius Society really have irrefutable evidence? Karl examines their claims.

Jan 19/12

A year in conspiracy

I don't know why everyone gets so hyper about Alex Jones. She's foxy.

Michael Bohler blogs about Alex Jones and various conspiracies. I shared a guest host spot with him on the Invisible Sky Monster podcast. I have him on my show to talk about

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