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Dec 22/10

Ancient Aliens

I guess all the ancient aliens wanted was a trophy baby.

Skeptics' Guide board user Gurmukh Mongia (aka Parrot) has a blog called The Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge. He's slowly working through the truly horrible History Channel series Ancient Aliens and blogging and podcasting about the crap science found on that show. Parrot comes on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about Ancient Aliens and the claim this knowledge is being suppressed.

Nov 21/10

The Face on Mars

1000% blow up of 1" square section of my leg reveals, after several "sharpen more" passes and some random color/hue/contrast stuff, the presence of the bow of Apollo and the arrow of Athena. Hence, I'm a cylon.

Stuart Robbins is back to talk about Richard C. Hoagland and his various NASA conspiracies. This is Stuart's last appearance before I have to call him Dr. Robbins. Or maybe Dr. Stu. *tears* I remember him when he was knee-high to a Viking lander!

Nov 05/10

Laurel Canyon, mind control, and the Hippies

Honestly, she's not an assassin for the CIA. Thought I did send her to put the hit on Marsh.

Amira is a hyper cool Canadian chef who travels the world doing her chef thing. The Skeptical Review will soon have an update on what she does and what makes her so damn cool but for now I need to respect her news embargo. So let's just say she's damn cool. Besides being damn cool, she has a damn cool "kitchen sink" conspiracy about the musicians of the hippie generation and how guys like Frank Zappa and David Crosby were CIA stooges in an MKULTRA mind-control op.

Oct 14/10

Jack the Ripper and Charles Smith

Everyone knows Scotty did it!

Listener Charles Smith made a compelling argument to stretch the "conspiracies of the not too distant past" constraint and do a show about the conspiracy theory around Jack the Ripper. You'll find Smith's show a ripping good time! And if you see him at the next Skeptics in a Pub. Buy him a beer! And the cheese plate.

Aug 19/10

ZOG and more with Neil Croll

The Turner Diaries makes that gay Klingon slash fan fiction read like Faulkner

Neil Croll is a listener and former Canadian neo-nazi skinhead. He's on to talk about his transition to a non-racist middle-aged skeptic and the ZOG conspiracy.

Jul 28/10

Crop Circles and MI5
with Trystan Swale

Cereologist have determined crop cirlces are a kind of wikipedia barn star award for excellence in hypergalactic crowd sourcing by carbon based life forms.

Trystan Swale is the host of the UK's Righteous Indignation Podcast. He's been following the whole crop circle thing for a while now. Swale is on to talk about crop circles, croppies, and the wild eyed conspiracy accusations that swirl around croppies and people that actually make them for giggles.

Jul 03/10

David Icke and the Reptoids
with Paul Ganssle

Careful. Paul's 'stache can smell fear.

Paul Ganssle, Conspiracy Skeptic Listener and skeptic about town, stops in to talk about David Icke and the Reptilian Conspiracy.

Jun 23/10

Conspiracy Con X

The dealer hall at Conspiracy Con is a little odd

Journalist Carolyn Shuck and her friend from the Eastern Establishment came on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about their experiences at a Conspiracy Convention.

May 19/10

The Sinking of the HMS Invincible
with Nigel St. Whitehall

No waggish joke here. These guys got it done.

Nigel St. Whitehall, blog master of The Skeptical Review, returns with a Falklands War era conspiracy. Claims the Argentinean air force sunk a British aircraft carrier.

Apr 13/10

The Protocols of Zion and the Kosher Tax
with Jonathan Abrams

Never download your free tax prep software from Alex Jones' FTP site

Jonathan Abrams is the host of Canada's SGU "Reality Check", a weekly Skeptical podcast produced by the cracker-jack Ottawa Skeptics crew. He stops in to talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (the Ur-Conspiracy) and the "Jewish Tax on Food" urban legend. We also manage some half-hearted hockey chat in the final minutes. Really compelling stuff.

Feb 18/10

Satanic Panic with Ryan Davis

Sign #146 an inter-generation Satanist family is living on your block: PTA potlucks always feature deviled eggs in the form of an upside down cross!

Listener Ryan Davis comes on to talk about the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and early 1990s. It was a helluva time.

Jan 26/10

Stuart Robbins and the Strange
Case of Michael Horn/Billy Meier

Actual photo I took of four Mescaloids aboard their kimchiship. From left to right is Min Su Tweeluk, Hye Won Zwinki, Jang Mi Kziniti, and of course Moff Doo Na Palpatine. Simply the best anal probing I've ever had.

Stuart Robbins makes yet another appearance to talk about a claim that Billy Meier predicted Apophis.

Jan 13/10

Stuart "Astrostu" Robbins Update

T Pyx is up to old tricks. First he ruined Taylor Swift's speech at the MTV I guess he's going to go supernova on us all.

Stuart Robbins is back to update us on 2012, a supposed killer asteroid the Russians were yammering about, and a possible supernova neighbor.

BTW, think homeopathy is bunk? Check out the 1023 movement.

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