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Nov 22/11

African Americans fought for the

Proof Britney Spears fought with Strike Force Ajumma Commandos during the war of North Korean Aggression

Andrew Philips is a historian and works at a civil war museum. He keeps encountering this over blown claim that slaves and freed men willingly took up arms in defense of the confederacy and their way of life. This knowledge has been suppressed by a vast Yankie Conspiracy.

Sep 29/11

The Assassination of Pope John Paul I
(not a typo)

Smiling pope? More like the overbite pope.

Nigel St. Whitehall (and Lady St. Whitehall), master of the Skeptical Review Blog, returns with another quirky "historical footnote" conspiracy in the same vein as the HMS Invincible. This time it's the treacherous murder of Pope John Paul I, the last of the red hot Italian popes. Cornuto stronzo pimento! (Pointless chat haters: the last 20 minutes is just banter.)

Aug 19/11

Introducing Dr. Stuart Robbins

Apparently there are no amateur astronomers below the equator

Stuart Robbins is now a newly minted Doctor. Herr Doctor Stuart Robbins returns to Conspiracy Skeptic to fill us in on more 2012 foolishness, Mars foolishness, Billy Meier woo woo, and more.

Jun 26/11

The Homosexual Agenda

They can smell fear

Listener Jeff Syke outlines the religious right's claims about a homosexual agenda and differentiates it from an actual gay agenda.

May 26/11

Is magic a conspiracy?

Jacob Jax and Penn Jillette juggling together at UNLV.

Jacob Jax is a young up 'n' coming magician/juggler in Vegas. He's a TAM veteran. Jacob stops in on The Conspiracy Skeptic podcast to talk about magic, how to get started in what seems like a secret organization, and we tell war stories about punching above our weight in Vegas.

Apr 14/11

The Necronomicon

The real Necronomicon will teach you how to be a douche.

JoelWhy is the SGU board's nicest fan of Conspiracy Skeptic. He comes on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about H.P. Lovecraft and how some people refuse to accept The Necronomicon is not a real book.

Mar 16/11

The Georgia Guidestones

Blake Smith, the Georgia Guidestones, and a photo that could have been better cropped.

The Georgia Guidestones have been standing in a weird plot of land since the early 1980s. They've increasingly become an irritant to New World Order conspiracy nuts. Monster Talker Blake Smith is here to talk about his own visit to the Georgia Guidestones.

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