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Dec 21/13

Eight Men Out, Outted

Gimme the cash

Mike Bohler returns to talk about the conspiracy to game the 1919 World Series. It's about baseball.

Sep 26/13

Wifi WTF

Move over yoga pants, paramedic pants will be the new sex pants. And they protect your vital fluids from wifi better than tinfoil.

Michael Kruse, from Huff Po and Bad Science Watch, gives us a round up on the Wifi Freak Out that's happening in Canada. Is a Canadian University professor right that wifi is a plan to make white suburban people infertile? Have Canadians all gone mad at once?

Jul 30/13

The Squirrels of Mars

Photo cropped to make it look like even more people turned out for Dr. Stu's talk

Dr. Stuart Robbins, host of Exposing Pseudoastronomy, is back to talk about his TAM experience, his new World Net Daily Watch project, and whether or not a spaceship and squirrel were found on Mars. Hint: no.

May 23/13

The Impossible Bomb

See. Told you. Pure rock god.

Jakob Thorin (his last name is not pronounced like you might think) comes on to talk about an odd duck who raged all over the JREF board about the impossibility of building a nuclear (fission and fusion) bomb. Just can't happen. Didn't work in 1945. Won't work today. It's just a money grab, folks.

May 9/13

There are drugs in the water?

Let's talk about this over a coffee at Portland indie java house

James Funston is helping get Portlanders on-side with an initiative to fluoridate the water. He's had to take on the whole range of anti-fluoridation arguments and conspiracies.

Apr 8/13

A pilot talks chemtrails

Billion dollar mind control campaign foiled by dollar store warriors.

There was something in the air that night. The contrails were too bright, Fernando. They were gassing you and me. For population control, Fernando.

Mar 29/13

Dungeons and Dragson - The devil's game?

Your basic Level 3 Satanists

Your 80s flashback: When we thought role players were baby killing Satanists. Hell, even Tipper Gore thought this.

Jan 28/13

A Year in Conspiracy

The J really stands for "Hussein".

Conspiracy skeptic podcaster Mike Bohler joins this Conspiracy Skeptic podcaster to talk about a year in Conspiracy and what to look forward to.

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